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Conquerors Blade Review

Conqueror’s Blade is a new tactical action MMO where you can command your armies and secure control over an open world. You can use your powerful siege weapons to destroy enemy castles in large PvP battles. Send out your units to secure land, power, and forge or forsake alliances against rival warlords to make history’s greatest conqueror. Find out everything about this amazing game in the Conquerors Blade review that follows!

Visuals and sound are generally supportive of the gameplay. If done poorly, they can distract from the game. Conqueror’s Blade isn’t too bad in this area, but a few more sound effects would be a great help. The game runs very well. The game’s optimization means that I don’t feel lagging at all due to ping or frame rate. Even on a small machine, there aren’t any slowdowns when there is a lot of enemies and friendly units. It’s something I cannot express how grateful I am for.


Conqueror’s Blade progression is slow, however. It may take several battles to level your character or unit. The experience bars will not move at an impressive rate until you have completed the task. Conqueror’s Blade provides experience booster items for battles as well as premium status for accounts. This may be worth it for casual players who have the money. Experience boosters can be obtained through quests. However, I’m not sure how often they are awarded. Although I don’t feel like there’s a pay-to-win vibe, it’s clear that higher-tier troops will require a substantial investment of my time, whether boosters are included or not.

You must unlock your units through honor points, and equip them with weapons. For a 30-man unit to be successful, you will need 30 weapons kits. The unit can be purchased with in-game currency but it becomes prohibitively costly over time. You will need to travel the realms and collect appropriate materials in order to craft weapon kits. This too comes with risks. It will take you a while to find high-tier troops, but it will be worth it.

I have tried all three weapons and prefer the sword/shield. While the halberd is clearly a superior mass combat weapon, it lacks defense. The sword is less powerful, but the shield can be very useful for preventing persistent enemies. The other weapons are still a mystery to me, but I will wait. You can gain experience with each weapon, so you will need to use that weapon to improve your skills.

The world map

Other players can travel the world map, which is often filled with bandits and lairs. Player guilds, called ‘Houses’, control cities and towns. These houses can limit one’s actions. Towns allow you to replenish food and heal units. However, you cannot do this in towns that are not owned by your House. The new player hub is the starter town, which is always friendly to players.

On the world map, player vs. player combat is possible. This means that players can attack you even if you are not in town. While you can bring a variety of units along with you, you must remember that the more you have the better. While traveling light with only peasant soldiers may be a good way to get the resources you need you will still be at risk of being ambushed if you aren’t careful.

You can sign up for matchmaking to take part in various fights while you are in town. Some fights are PvE (training matches against bots, or ‘Expeditions’ with waves of enemies), while others are PvP (“domination-style battles to control points and siege combats). Although it could be due to my schedule, I have had more difficulty finding matches as the game progresses. However, I am certain that playing at night will bring more players. I find that I am more interested in the match types being played at the moment. This works for me.


Battles are fun. Matches usually have around 15 players each side. Quitting mid-battle can be penalized although I haven’t explored the penalty system too much. Siege battles are still my favorite type of battle. It’s worth the effort to use siege equipment. However, it is reasonable to assume that other people will compete for your chance to use what’s there. However, I am almost always a defender during siege battles. Although I prefer to be a defender it would be nice to attack occasionally.

Odd bugs will occasionally appear in games, and it is normal to expect that Conqueror’s Blade will be no different. Conqueror’s Blade is being patched frequently by the developers. If they continue to work hard on it, I believe it will be even more enjoyable.

Conquerors Blade review : Is it any good?

Conqueror’s Blade has a lot of fun. Conqueror’s Blade is great for casual and serious players. The battles are fast and exciting, and there is an incredible variety of units. The game’s broad and open-ended nature means that there are many avenues to explore on the world map in terms of mechanics or progression. You will need to take the time necessary to fully enjoy what it has to offer.

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