Chronicles of Eidola Open Beta is now available exclusively from AMZGame

Chronicles of Eidola, A new free-to-play (F2P) browser will be coming to AMZGame! Set in a magical world, Chronicles of Eidola is a completely new turn-based RPG game. In this game you play as an avenger who can create contracts with heroes, devils, and servants to achieve your goals! You can face deadly bosses on your own, or team up with other players to risk everything on nearly impossible quests. You can even challenge other players and destroy their plans. Let’s unveil this new world!

Key Features:

  • The game – Chronicles of Eidola uses the new, independently researched flash stage 3D engine, which enables the game’s 3D imaging to work well on any browser. With impressive CG, models, and battle display, this new engine marks an evolution in browser gaming, and an entirely new experience.
  • The gameplay is especially notable. With the element turn plate, tactical fighting is essential to surviving unpredictable battles. Likewise, the different types of Eidola allow players to have greater control over building and customizing their teams. It is exactly this easy to play, difficult to master element that makes this game so unique.

No matter what you are comparing, be it graphics or core gameplay, Chronicles of Eidola has no competition. A new gaming experience has arrived.


Team up PVE in COE

There’s no need to fight alone in this new world. Battle evil monsters with your friends, or set off on thrilling adventures. The team leader has the power to manage the battle, and make sure each teammate is matched with the right rival. After disposing of their individual enemies, they can even help you rush the final boss! The new content and mechanics of these fights will enable a whole new type of gaming experience, and we want to bring that to you!

Real-time PVP Competition


In the Arena, you can earn the Medal of Honor to exchange a lot of items in the shop.

Each player can challenge 15 times each day and also you can use diamonds to buy more attempts. The Higher position you got, the more rewards you win! Fight for honor!

Faction Challenge

The different challenge mode for resource fight, two sides force to collect the crystal, the more crystal you get, the more resource and rewards you win. Of cause, there is not easy to plunder enemy resource, you need arms heroes to defeat them.

Unique PVF for FUN

Rat Race

Not into PVP, or PVE? No worries! In this game, there are plenty of PVF opportunities. One of such mini-games is Rat Race, where different eidolon with different skills go head to head in unpredictable matches.

Orb Breaker

Hugely popular in this world, Orb Breaker is simple to play, and easy to win, at least at first.  You will love it.

There’s plenty more exciting features to discover! Find out for yourself!

For more information, please visit the following websites:


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