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If the idea of a free to play browser based MMORPG game combined with a heady mix of simulation involved sounds like the type of game that you would like, then Call of Gods could be the answer that you are looking for.

You are the Lord of your people in a fantasy world that involves gods, monsters and magic and have to rule your land whilst developing your kingdom and army in order to both protect your people and to conquer new territories.

call of godscall of gods

You have to initially decide upon which race it is that you would like to be and have three choices. You can either be Human who are tough and loyal warriors, Undead who are hell bent on gaining revenge on their living counterparts or the Elves who would like nothing more than complete peace among all three races.

You are then faced with the task of having to build your empire. Starting from scratch you will have to collect resources, build homes for your people and construct an army to help defend against attacks from NPC empires and other online players.

You are given plenty of tasks and side quests to keep you busy whilst you are waiting for your empire to develop and you can even look into joining an alliance for some added protection.

call of godscall of gods

When it does come to that time when combat is among you, there is a large amount of strategy required to be successful. The outcome of any battles will be down to a combat system that is highly complex and it will take into account all attributes that your army has, the different numbers and types of army, the positions of the individual units and what upgrades each of them has.

There are many different types of units for you to train such as cavalry, archers, flying units and infantry and each is able to be leveled up and upgraded.

You also have to have ‘heroes’ who will be commanding your troops on the ground. These heroes have to be found in the capital city of your chosen race and are available in five different grades.

The grades are marked by five colors with white being the lowest and orange the highest. Each will also have one of four different specialties. They will either be balanced, have added attack bonuses, defense bonuses or agility bonuses. How you use these heroes with their bonuses can be the difference between winning and losing on the battlefield.

call of godscall of gods

PvP is fun in Call of Gods, especially alliance wars. This is an aspect they have worked hard on and it shows. However, those that do not pay money into the game will be at quite a big disadvantage to those that have. There are many bonuses to be had, better weapons and armies and shorter resource recuperation times.

Call of Gods is a game that will take up a lot of your time as you would expect. There is a lot of grinding needed and it can become a little repetitive. This is the same for most MMO browser games though as there usually is no real end game in sight.


call of gods

Pros of Call of Gods


  • Decent Graphics
  • Excellent PvP Mode
  • Large Player Base


Cons of Call of Gods


  • Tough To Grind
  • A Little Repetitive
  • Unbalanced If You Do Not Pay


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