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Blight of the Immortals is a cooperative strategy board game/CCG hybrid that gives new meaning to the label “real time.” Players lead the six Mortal races of Alundria in a desperate war against the Immortals. The orders you give to your forces will be carried out over the course of the next hours or days. Check in as often as you like, to respond to the movements of the Immortals. It’s not a game where success requires constant attention; once or twice a day is plenty—but you may still find yourself checking in every hour, just in case.

Between games, players amass personal collections Hero Cards: special units that are deployed in-game to unleash unique abilities.


Before a game begins, each player assembles a custom deck of Heroes using cards in their collection. Heroes can have tremendous impact all game long, so building the right deck requires as much forethought as any other decision in the game.

When the game starts, units begin carrying out their orders immediately. As it takes hours for your army to move from one town to the next, careful planning is paramount. Where will the zombies go while you’re at work? Set your forces in motion carefully, as one careless order in the morning could sentence a village to a certain death that evening. Any fallen civilians (or soldiers) will soon begin rising as zombies themselves, so early containment is crucial.

You’ll have to coordinate with your Mortal allies to decide which towns are worth saving, and which are too difficult to defend. Sometimes you don’t have the strength to meet a horde on the field of battle, but a Human ally’s Dragonhelm Knight can draw the Immortals away while you muster a defense. Players can also freely trade resources, so if you lack the Gold to hire the army you need, perhaps a Goblin ally could be convinced to give you a loan.

Single Player

Blight of the Immortals also features an extensive single player campaign for each race, unlocked through a subscription fee. Individual scenarios are available for free on a rotating basis. The single player mode dispenses with the real-time nature of the multiplayer game, instead letting the player choose how far to advance the clock at each step. The single player campaigns are valuable practice not just for multiplayer, but also for the weekly tournaments, which provide a large payout in Hero Coins (the out-of-game resource used to buy Hero Cards) for the best scores on a given scenario.


With mechanics that are easy to learn, and strategies that are tough to master, Blight of the Immortals is a great game for casual and hardcore gamers alike. The game is free to play, and while in-game purchases are offered, they steer well clear of pay-to-win territory. If you’re a patient gamer who loves deep strategy games and a very friendly community, Blight of the Immortals will be perfect for you.

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