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Anocris Review

Anocris is an exciting strategy game that takes players into ancient Egypt. You will be able to experience the glory days of this mysterious civilization and even start your own Egyptian settlement. Can you turn it into an empire and control the Nile? Read the full Anocris review below and play for free!

It’s the year 1,200 B.C. and a new settlement is built on the banks of the great water stream. You gaze with wonder at the vast expanses and fertile plains of the Great Desert. Welcome to the Land of the Pharaohs!

Create the greatest pyramids anywhere in the world, build your empire, and take the Nile’s leadership!

You can use the power of Anubis or Ra to recruit your army and help it win!

Learn secret sciences to cross the threshold between the world and the afterworld.

You can cast spells over your cities to influence the course and development of history!

Giant pyramids, mysterious Sphinxes, and all-present Gods

You can live the 3,000-year-old history of Ancient Egypt right in your own skin.

Egyptian metropolis located on the banks the Nile

Create your city and erect authentic buildings from ancient Egypt.

Units from the Ramses II era

You can recruit Anubis warriors, charioteers and the Medjay. Use the clairvoyant powers and enter battle!

Technology of daily life in Egypt

Use the advanced technologies of ancient Egypt to build your city.

Spells and Festivals

Celebrate ancient Egyptian festivals and use season spells to secure divine help for your city.

Resources and production

Strategically make decisions in resource production to achieve the best output.

Diplomacy, wars and tribes

Trustworthy allies are essential if you are to make progress. You can join a tribe to work with other pharaohs.

PvP and PVE

The main focus of the game is on the interactions between players, whether it be war or cooperation. Anocris has a strong PvE element that allows you interact with nomad camp players.

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