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Alliance of Valiant Arms (or A.V.A for short) is a hugely popular free to play MMOFPS online game that is now published by Aeria Games. The game pits players against eachother in a fictional war between two different factions. Those two factions are the European Union and Neo Russian Federation.

As many of you will know, there are a wealth of FPS games available to play for free online these days, so just what does A.V.A do that the others do not?

Well, it actually does. It has extremely polished graphics for one thing, making it one of the better looking free to play FPS on the market and plenty of solid and fluid gameplay. Add to this the vast additions of maps and items over the years and you have a shooter that is up there with the best of them.

Once you download the game and power it up for the first time, you have to create your character before being asked if you would like to take in the tutorial. Whilst most of you will feel that all shooters are pretty much the same, you should still do the tutorial as there are Euros on offer for completing it. Euros are the games currency and are used to purchase better weapons and upgrades.

Great Weapon Customisation

Another great part of this game is the customizable aspect of it regarding the weapons. You play the game able to switch between three different classes whenever you die, which is also an excellent feature of the game. Each of those classes has a wide range of weapons that can be bought you can also customize the parts on the weapons such as the barrel, trigger and stock.

alliance of valiance alliance of valiance

There are three game modes for players to participate in, with Demolition, Escort and Team Deathmatch. These have been seen many times before in other FPS games and they could really have spiced things up by offering something a little more unique.

In-Game Achievements

The game also has something else that is different from its competitors. This is earning achievements, giving players rewards and badges for completing certain things. Whether its killing three people with one grenade or making it to 1,000 kills within 1,000 games, there is always something that you can try and achieve on the side for some extra glory and a badge of excellence.

alliance of valiance alliance of valiance

The game has this feel of excellence and is polished throughout, it just feels like there is high quality at every corner. This is from the graphics, the sound, the gameplay and the thought that has gone into even the small things such as the mini-map. It is these things that really make it stand out as one of the very best free to play FPS games online today.

The game is also highly addictive as you strive to level up and get better weapons and equipment and aim to try and complete as many achievements to make you stand out among the other players in the game.

alliance of valiance alliance of valiance

If FPS is your genre and you have not yet tried A.V.A, you really should get around to doing so. It may not be able to compete with some of the off the shelf FPS games on the market but it is not too far behind in all honesty.

There could be more weapons and game modes but perhaps they will come into the game at some point when more content is created.

alliance of valiance alliance of valiance

Pros of Alliance of Valiant Arms

  • Excellent Graphics and Sound
  • Fluid Gameplay
  • Unique Achievements Feature

Cons of Alliance of Valiant Arms

  • Not Enough Game Modes
  • Could Be More Weapons

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