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Adventure Quest Worlds was released back in 2008, with the popular MMORPG browser based game following on from the original Adventure Quest which was nothing more than a single player game. Developed by Artix Entertainment, the game attracts thousands of players at any given time and has turned into a firm favorite.

What you will notice first about this game when you start is just how hard they have tried to make it child friendly. They have even gone as far as creating servers that do not allow ‘free chat’, which will please parents who do not like the idea that their children could talk to complete strangers.

When you decide you wish to play Adventure Quest Worlds, you have to create your character before you actually register. There are four different classes to choose from and them being the standard types you would imagine for a game of this type. You have a choice between warrior, rogue, mage or priest with each having their usual strengths and weaknesses.

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Those classes are the only ones available in the beginning but as you level up you are able to choose from many other classes depending on your skill set.

The idea of the game is to try and level up your character by walking throughout the world and taking up quests. All movement in the game is done by that of mouse, simply point and click. This includes and battle scenes and does make the game very easy for players to learn.

As you travel about, even when not on quests you will come across monsters that you can attack to gain experience and gold. Experience is what is needed to level up and increase your skills whereas gold is used to by better weapons, spells and the like.

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There are bigger and much deeper games of this type out there but this one has been designed to be played in much smaller bursts, not taking itself too seriously. It has been developed for those more casual gamers that do not want to spend hours on one game when they do not have to, those that prefer to spend as little as a few minutes a day at this game can still progress fairly well in the long run.

One aspect of the game which will disappoint players, an aspect that is unfortunately a part of many free to play browser games, is the benefits that premium account holders get for their money. There are many features of the game that only premium players can have access to such as more advanced classes.

This does not ruin the game for free to play players but it can be a little disheartening to see players with better equipment that may have not worked as hard as yourself. That is the way of free to play games however and is by no way a shock anymore.

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All in all the game is great fun despite the few flaws that it has such as poor graphics and the pay to win aspect. It is addictive and a great game for parents to let their kids play, that is until they start asking you to pay for a premium subscription that is. Despite it being safe for kids to play, you will also find that it is not aimed at just children, with many ages currently enjoying themselves with Adventure Quest Worlds

Pros of Adventure Quest Worlds

  • Very child friendly
  • Easy To Pick Up
  • Highly Addictive

Cons of Adventure Quest Worlds

  • Very basic graphics
  • A Little Repetitive
  • Big Advantages For Premium Players


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