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4Story is a browser based MMORPG which was developed by Zemi Interactive and is set in a mystical world that is engulfed with war. There are two kingdoms for each player to choose to represent and a selection of six classes of character to select from.

This game which was developed back in 2008 has many noticeable similarities to that of the massively popular World of Warcraft game, though with one significant difference, this one is free to play.

There are three kingdoms in the game with two of them at war with each other and the third trying to keep the peace. The three kingdoms are the Broa, DeFugel and Craxion with the latter two being those you can choose to fight for and become a hero.

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Not only do you have to choose your kingdom but also that of your race. Again, there are three to choose from in Human, Werebeast or Fairy and each will obviously have their very own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Then there is the choice of your class to consider and this time there six to choose from. Yu can either be a Wizard, Archer, Priest, Assassin, Warrior or Summoner with each again having certain abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

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For instance, archers are more for long range combat and have the ability of evasion whilst a Wizard uses powerful magic to defeat their enemies.

Once you have made your choices you are ready to get going and the first thing you will notice is just how big the world is out there. The world of Iveria gives you a seemingly endless amount of land to go exploring on.

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You will then have to undertake quests that can include time travel. Yes, you go back and forward in time for some quests and sub quests. Completing quests actually reward you very well but they are a very tough grind to do so. This should not be a worry though as the game will grab hold of you and have you addicted for many upcoming months and possibly longer.

You and the players from your kingdom will also be tasked with taking control of a number of territories during predetermined battles against the enemy kingdom and their players.

The controls both for movement and battle are extremely good and you even have a choice to use either mouse or keyboard. Battles are not simply point and click but require a large amount of strategy, so there is plenty of reason to be impressed here.

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The graphics too are of a high enough quality to please but also of a low enough quality for players with lower end PC’s to be able to play too.

Thereis also loads of upgrading and customization available in the game. It feels like there is no end to how much you can improve your weaponry and items and although it will take a lot of work, there is a real sense of fulfiilment once you accomplish them.

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So is the game worth downloading? We certainly think so at the very least to try. WoW is a huge success as a pay to play game and this is a very similar game but free to play, so there really is nothing to lose.

All in all a great free to play game that will have you hooked for hours. 4 Story is highly recommended.

Pros of 4Story


  • Nice Graphics
  • Easy To Control And Play
  • Excellent Features


Cons of 4Story


  • A Bit Too Similar To WoW
  • Not Much Of A Storyline
  • Slow Progression


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