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Antonis Pavlou
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This website is a new portal aiming to become the most complete Browser Games Directory on the web.

We plan to review all the best Browser Games and also provide the appropriate infrastructure for user ratings, so that you know what other players think of the games, before trying them!

And last but not least, you will of course find news, hints and tips and links to play browser games for free!

Antonis Pavlou (Main Editor)

My name is Antonis, I am a software engineer and I love playing browser games and writing about them. I have played most of the games that are out there and I plan to play more in the future! I’m a big fan of the RPG and Strategy genre. Currently looking for a new play-around to get hooked on!

I started playing games since the age of 8, when my dad got me my first Amiga! I enjoy computer games mostly over console games, probably due to my profession which keeps me closer to computers than consoles and TVs.

For any comment or partnership proposal feel free to reach out via our contact us page!

Mikey Walker (Editor)

I love a good game. I also love a good pun. I have been a gamer since I was a child and have played games of all sorts. I am a content creator on youtube and love to share my thoughts about gameplay with the community!

I am an English native but currenly living in the Philipines with my dog and gf. I have plenty of free time, which I devote to Browser Games!

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